Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of cars can I purchase through a car loan?
The choice of car is of the borrower. We will forward your application to lending agencies and they will fund your purchase.

What are my chances of getting a car loan with bad credit?
Bad credit is not a problem at Nations Car Credit. Bad credit car loan and bad credit car financing have been designed particularly for the bad credit borrowers.

What is the amount of car loan that I can qualify for?

The amount of car loan that one qualifies for largely depends on ones personal circumstances. What is your credit standing, the type of car loan that you opt, whether you are putting in collateral, the term of the loan; all these factors have a say in deciding the amount of car loan. In addition, the lenders policy about lending will affect amount.

What are my chances of getting a competitive rate of interest?
We at Nations Car Credit take utmost care that our borrowers get a competitive rate. However, the interest rate borrowers get depends on a large number of factors such as his credit history, the type of loan he is opting for, whether loan requires collateral, prevailing interest rate etc.

I want to refinance my existing loan. Do you have car refinance services?
Yes, we offer car refinance services. Through this method, a borrower who finds his existing loan as charging too high rate of interest or repayments will pay off his existing loan through a new loan.

How do I apply for a car loan?
Nations Car Credit has always maintained that online application is the most convenient and the fastest method by which to apply for car loan.